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As someone who does not know how to cook, nor have the time to cook, I truly appreciate The Dinner Dude's concept, and just how wonderful their food is. I consider myself a true 'foodie', and won't settle for less than delicious, and The Dinner Dude certainly delivers! I LOVE their food, and order regularly. I first learned about The Dinner Dude when I started the hcg weight loss protocol for myself, and since offering this protocol to my patients, I know it makes the diet easier and that my patients are more compliant with the diet having the Dinner Dude's help. I highly recommend them for any and every meal!*

Mila McManus MD
The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness
26110 Oakridge Drive
The Woodlands, TX
Ph: (281) 298 - 6742
Fax: (281) 419 - 1373

I just wanted to let you know that Sat. 4/23 was my 18th day on the HCG diet and when I got on the scales I had lost a total of 18 lbs! Wow, a lb a day is unbelievable for me! Thank you guys soooo much for making it so easy and enjoyable with your wonderful meals!

It's funny, everyone keeps telling me that I should just cook my own meals and save the money. But I always respond by saying there is no way I would save money if I had to buy all of the different items that you put in your menu, as well as getting the most healthful cuts of meat and produce. Not to mention the wonderful spices that you use to give everything such tremendous flavor!

And besides, my results speak directly to what I'm eating. So why on earth would I want to change anything!*

Patti C

 Hi Guys, Your food-so far--has been very, very good. Absolutely delicious in fact. I do love to cook and appreciate a gourmet approach to dieting! But the lovely thing is...I'm not spending (much) time in the kitchen weighing and measuring. I am looking forward to trying it all. Thanks for offering such a great service!*


You have definitely exceeded my expectations! I sincerely appreciate the wonderfully crafted, delicious meals and the friendly service that makes your business unforgettable. I look forward to ordering more form your menu selections and I am very pleased to recommend your service to my family and friends in the area.*

L Kremheller

Dieting has never tasted so good!! I am under Doctor supervision on the hCG protocol. When he told me the VERY strict food and calorie guidelines I would be expected to meet, I laughed out loud. I have two very active toddlers and work outside the home part time as a pre-school teacher. The Dinner Dude has made this so do-able and SUCCESSFUL for me!! I just grab my meals and go. the delivery, calorie count and weighing is done for me. All that is left to do is... enjoy.

I am amazed at his talent with food. Try the chili... you won't regret it.*

J Jordy


P Conner

I decided to try The Dinner Dude for convenience. As a working mom, I sometimes don't have time to prepare nutritious meals for my family. Not only are the meals delicious, but I know I'm feeding my children healthy food and in the right proportions. I've recommended them to everyone I know! Thank you so much Mark and Amanda!*

S Mitchell

I've been very pleased with how good this food tastes and you might have noticed I'm a pretty picky eater. And I'm sure I couldn't do this diet without your meals! I just started the 500 calorie portion of the diet this past Saturday...I've had the peel n eat shrimp, the fillet mignon, NY strip, baked cinnamon apple, asparagus, broccolini and cauliflower so far. They've all been delicious!*

Audrey J

I COULD NOT do the HCG diet without the Dinner Dude. After two days of eating my own boring food I was ready to throw in the towel. Thanks to the Dinner Dude, I have now completed my first full week and am down ten pounds!*

Melinda K

My wife and I heard about the Dinner Dude from a friend who had completed a month cycle of the HCG diet. Our friend had wonderful things to say about the food so we decided to give it a go. I can speak with great certainty that were it not for the Dinner Dude we would have struggled much more than necessary. We used the service for over 2 months and could not have been more pleased. I've lost 77lbs and my wife is down 30. I am now off the diet and have been continuing to lose weight thanks to the help from the Dinner Dude and our new understanding of portion size and healthy yet tasty food. The only thing I regret about the service is that now I miss the food so badly!*


I am not known for my cooking skills. After hearing about the Dinner Dude, I am now enjoying outstanding meals such as tenderloin, shrimp, snapper, and even handmade dressings on my salad - all perfectly acceptable for the HCG program. The Dinner Dude is AMAZING!*

Wendy B


Debbie P

Just had to let you know our pot roast, etc., was absolutely fabulous !!!! This meal was for our grandson's 9th birthday dinner and he LOVED IT !!! Portions were very generous and we'll enjoy the leftovers today !!!! So easy - no mess/clean-up - A REAL TREAT !!!!*

Betty W.

I had the spicy shrimp and cabbage salad for lunch. Delicious! This hCG diet will be 1000x's easier because of Dinner Dude. Thanks so much!*

Renee P.

Still loving your food. I am at 25 pounds headed toward 30. I love your tomato sauce! It is so good on the meatballs, chicken cacciatore, chicken creole & am hooked on the chili. What I love about the chili & meatballs is it is something that fills me up. I tell everyone who asks about you & your amazing fresh food. You rock!*

Denise G.

Just had the Asian Chicken and Cabbage soup last night, OMG sooooooooo goood!!! Can't wait to pick up delivery this Friday!!*

Juanita D.

I'm really enjoying the meals- they make it easy to stay on the plan. My first week on the plan I had to travel to Plano on business so I loaded a cooler with enough of your meals to stay on plan and lost 9 pounds the first week. Not bad.*

Teresa N.

Just wanted to let you know that I lost almost 20 lbs on my 40 day round of homeopathic hCG drops. No question it is because you provided 90% of all my meals for me!*

Dr. Sherry Durrett

The food is excellent - not just appropriate for the HCG diet, but very flavorful and satisfying.*

Eileen C.

I had your meals for lunch and dinner. You have made my life so much easier. I love the taste of your food! I've lost 7 pounds thus far and my real official day on the HCG was Sunday and that has made me totally committed to this program for the next 3 weeks!*

Janet S.

G R E A T F O O D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Carolyn W.

Just wanted to send a note- I finished up my first 40days on August 13th but loved your food so much I'm staying with it and I just add in fruits and salads to get my calorie count higher.....your food is awesome and I couldn't have done this without your services! Love Dinner Dude!*

Lisa B.

I'll be back at school soon. I work at a large high school in Katy. We have over 300 staff members. I will be a walking advertisement for you and HCG. Thank you for all your help; I really, really appreciate it!*

Robin S.

So far I love all the meals I have had. You guys are the greatest! This has been very easy for me and I can't thank ya'll enough!*

Linda H.

I have lost 13.5 lbs and love the food. Yippee.*

Bonnie K.

I have to say that I LOVE everything that I have eaten so far. What a great job you do!*

Vikki C.

I am really just getting started on my HCG diet. Prior to this, I was picking up a lot of food from Tru Meals and My Fit Foods. I enjoyed a lot of the foods from both places; however, I can't tell you how much I love your food! I can tell you for sure, if nothing else, I will keep that Chili on hand. So far, everything has been absolutely delicious. I really appreciate how you guys give us some spice! I am very pleased with the service and the food! I just placed my second order. Thanks for making this so easy!*

Michelle M.

I just wanted to thank you for making the most awesome HCG meals. They are delicious and not nearly as boring as it would have been if I had to do it. Even my kids smell the meals and get jealous. Thanks so much for all you do!*

Karen M.

Oh my goodness! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I just enjoyed my first meal (chili) and it was fabulous! I am doing the HCG diet with my doctor, Dr. Manso. He just recently started his program and I am going to share the news about Dinner Dude. Because your meals are packaged so nicely, I think I can even pack them in a cooler for a business conference I have next Tues thru Thurs. I am so excited:). I was really nervous about how I was going to handle my food next week! Thank you!*

Kristy S.

Thank you so very much for your service of providing healthy HCG approved meals. Having the convenience of the Dinner Dude meals, has made my journey on the HCG diet so much easier. The meals are not only convenient, they are also VERY DELICIOUS !! I have not had a meal that I did not like or that I wasn't satisfied after I finished my meal. THANK YOU again Dinner Dude for all the fabulous meals you have created.*

Sherry W.

Your food is sooooooo good. I wish I had you when I did my first 40 day round. It is so great just to grab my food & eat. I have been telling everyone about y'all. Thank-you soooo much. I may order the food even when I am off the diet.*

Pamela E.

I'm loving [the meals]; I've lost 7 lbs within the first 7 days. I love not having to measure, weigh for cook the food. I probably wouldn't have lasted a week on this restrictive calorie diet if I had to prepare all the meals. I haven't felt tired at all. It's great!*


So far I am enjoying the meals. I especially like the salads and the buffalo chicken is my favorite. I like the different variety of flavorings that are used. I haven't tried the chili yet so I'm looking forward to that. I don't eat steak very often so I was pleasantly surprised how tender and tasty the Filet Mignon was. Overall, it's been a great dining experience.*

Anne G.

Well I have had my day 2 of Dinner Dude and I must say that I'm speechless. It was so good and I wanted more of it while I was eating it. I can't say enough about how great your food taste. I loved every bit of it!*

Beverly D.

My first day of meals was wonderful! You are certainly making my life easier, and the food is great.*

Leesa W.

First day and the food exceeded my expectations! I am amazed at the variety. With your help, I can meet my weight goal as well as eating healthy meals.*

Donna T.

Thank you so much for the meals from The Dinner Dude! I thought I would give you some feedback after my first experience with purchasing a la carte menu items. First of all, I was a bit surprised at how TINY the portions are. It made me realize that the portions I had been eating so far were too big. Secondly, they were very yummy! I ordered the meatloaf (loved the tangy tomato sauce), Asian chicken wraps (LOVED the sauce - what is in that??), beef fajitas (yum), and apple crisp (nice way to change up my daily apple). Keep up the great work!...Thanks again so much for this much needed and welcomed service for us hCG-dieters. It's such a nice change from my typical menu these days!*

Lauri C.

* Individual results vary. Please consult your Physician before attempting any weight loss program. The Dinner Dude prepares meals to meet the criteria of specific weight loss protocols only and are not a substitute for medical evaluation.