One Dude and a Lifetime of Healthy Choices

It all started when Mark Zoch was a kid. He would rush home from school to watch Jacques Pepin and Julia Child on PBS prepare food that was exquisite and attainable. As an 8 year old in a household with a tight budget, Mark learned quickly that all you needed to make an excellent breakfast was a few eggs and small handful of veggies.

After watching his mom struggle with her weight and high blood pressure, then fight a losing battle to diabetes and breast cancer, Mark knew there had to be a better way to eat healthy and live a longer, satisfying life. At that point he dedicated himself to a life of preparing good food in the service of others.

Mark received proper training with a degree at the University of Houston, Hilton college of hotel and restaurant management, but it was the various kitchen environments in his career that made the biggest impact on him. Mark’s greatest experiences came as a cook at small mom and pop bar & grill working alongside the owner, as a chef in the merchant marine traveling for 4 years to over 20 countries, and for 10 years moving through the ranks to executive management within the renowned Pappas Restaurant group. There he learned the best methods for preparing gourmet cuisine that is consistently enjoyable.

The Dinner Dude

Founded in 2008 by Mark Zoch, The Dinner Dude was created to support people seeking a convenient source for health-conscious meals.

When his wife was prescribed the hCG Diet, Mark volunteered to prepare the specific meals that she needed to help her stay on track with the caloric restrictions and strict nutritional requirements of the diet. Each meal was flavorful, conveniently packaged, and precisely prepared to guarantee success.

Mark’s reputation quickly spread after the doctor attributed his wife’s successful weight loss to the great meals Mark was preparing. That physician began to refer all his patients to Mark. Before long he was spending his time researching recipes and assembling a kitchen to serve others who needed support with the hCG program. Now, The Dinner Dude makes a variety of sophisticated, great-tasting meals ready to grab & go to support your healthy lifestyle.

The Dinner Dude Llc. is a family-owned, privately held local business in Houston, TX. Mark leads a team of cooks in the kitchen to cleverly combine flavor with healthy eating options that are made fresh daily. Our standardized processes around food preparation allow us to create dishes that are consistently delicious. Mark truly believes that you don’t have to sacrifice taste to enjoy nourishing food and a healthy lifestyle.

With Dinner Dude, you'll be confident that your food not only tastes great, but also is great for you.