Low-Carb Diet

The Dinner Dude offers healthy meals for individuals wanting to maintain healthy eating habits using a Low Carb Diet and for individuals on the Phase III hCG Diet.

A low carb diet is all about maintaining a diet that is low in sugary carbohydrates like pasta and bread. The diet consists of protein, natural fats and vegetables to sustain the body and provide a filling, nutrient-dense diet. As a result, low-carb diets support weight loss and help improve an individual's overall health. For example, some low-carb diets have been known to help reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndromes.

The Dinner Dude’s Low Carb Diet also conforms to the approved Phase III hCG diet requirements for the maintenance plan. This can be the “make it or break it” phase of the diet when a patient is allowed to increase his daily calorie intake while maintaining a high level of protein and nutrition in his diet.

In the Phase III hCG diet, you are teaching your body how to stabilize with the healthy weight it has lost. The Low-Carb diet helps you tame your hunger cravings and stay on course for your weight loss.



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