hCG Diet Mastered with The Dinner Dude

Diet foods that taste and look delicious!

The Dinner Dude is proud to offer meal plans for individuals on the hCG diet. Each meal is carefully prepared using hCG recipes and weighed to meet the hCG diet requirements. Since 2008, we've helped hCG dieters lose thousands of pounds and live a rewarding life.

The Dinner Dude's hCG diet meals are designed to meet the strict requirements of phase two (very low calorie diet) of Dr. Simeons' diet plan. Our hCG meals make living on the hCG diet easy and flavorful so that followers are more inclined to be successful. Check out the hCG diet meal plan or "small bites" as we call them, and order your meals today.

The Dinner Dude is not just for individuals following the hCG diet. We prepare a full array of breakfasts, lunches and dinners for anyone interested in maintaining healthy eating habits. We encourage you to peruse our menu to see our tasty, healthy food options.

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